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MTA - Mondragon Team Academy - MINN


International Executive Master Program in Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation

MINN is a lively, constantly evolving executive learning journey at the service of creative processes, participatory and open environments. The value of MINN lies in a unique team proccess for experimentation and promoting new cross-disciplinary learning. MINN Program started in 2010 to transform leaders and intra/entrepreneurs to be able to transform as well their organizations and project to be more innovative and successful.

MINN is an Executive Master Program created by Mondragon Team Academy (MTA)- Mondragon University and nowadays is happening in in 3 different editions every year:

MINN_Europe: starting in January 2016. Check for more detail HERE.

MINN_China: in collaboration with our partners in China, two editions already running and next one starting in March 2016 Check HERE for more detail 

MINN_India: in collaboration with our partners in India, check HERE for more information


A person full of PASSION and PURPOSE can make a big impact. Do you want to make your dreams come true by creating and transforming your organization through knowledge sharing?

The MINN program was designed and developed for business professionals and entrepreneurs in innovative projects. It is an Executive Master mode, intended to be followed and developed alongside normal working activities.

Ideally the professional participants in the program will already leading self managed teams involved in intrapreneurship within their organizations or intending to embark on similar projects with these characteristics. For these projects to be related to the master, a minimum of 40% personal day to day involvement is required.

The Master is designed so that each participant can share and develop a specific project in your company in parallel with the development of the training program.

The foundational educational philosophies of MINN were developed by special entrepreneurial unit from JAMK Jyvaskyla University of Applied Science (Finland), Team Academy. Team Academy is an international reference in the education field with its methods being used in over 17 schools & universities around the world as well as in multinational companies. The eminently practical dimension of the MINN approach is rooted in practical company action and allows each professional and organization to define their own specific objectives to study the program. Over the years, Team Academy has won several awards in both the education and business sectors.

Profile and Goals


  • Learn, experiment and implement the use of tools for innovation, entrepreneurship, team leadership and strategies/sources of funding for start-ups and intra-enterprise promotion.

  • Interact with real (local and international entrepreneurial cases) companies in order to explore  best practices in the management of intrapreneurship, innovation and collaborative self-managed teams.

  • Experience a radical learning and innovator experience closely linked to personal passions and professional projects.

  • Professional network development with people  faced with similar challenges and projects.


  • Innovative in organisation training in entrepreneurial leadership competency intended to drive business processes forwards.

  • The generation of new ways of increasing competitiveness and of developing internal organisation.

  • Experiment with real projects to increase domestic value added in the workplace.

  • The clear definition or identification of specific project objectives as yet unachieved.

  • Internal professional training projects in charge of  intrapreneurship, innovation management and learning / organizational entrepreneurship.


We believe in a modern educational model, continuous, active and learning-based:

  • Focused on the process.
  • Based on Systems Thinking, proposed by Peter Senge and Knowledge Creation Systems by Nonaka & Takeuchi.
  • Active learning where the professional and specific project on his hands take the centre stage.
  • Continuous learning looking for synergies between training seminars and the daily life of the project at the company.
  • A connected learning community using the latest information and communication technologies to facilitate learning.
  • Personal analysis of real cases of the latest trends in management models of innovation in organizations.
  • Incorporating sustainability as a source of innovation.

Combining different individual and team learning tools, the participant will develop a commitment to the project which  is being led whilst deepening their understanding of team leadership and new experiences. MINN master methodology combines the development of a personal learning and team experience in order to achieve new innovative skills.


The process is designed in 8+1 modules with different topics.

M1:Team leadership, Team learning and Team entrepreneurship as a trigger of change in organisations

[7th-9th January] Basque Country

The participants will go deeper in the concepts of reflect and act in leadership. The module is combining the personal development as well as team leadership and intrapreneurship spirit in the development of new innovative projects inside of an organisation. The learners will go deeper in the personal dimension of being an entrepreneur or intrapreneur and the key elements on leading change through teams. 

M2:Ecosystems & Human Centered Innovation

[14th-20th February] San Francisco (USA) 

The extraordinary environment of Silicon Valley (California) is key to work over 3 main areas of interest. How entrepreneurial ecosystems function as sources of innovation and creation of new businesses and knowledge. Through the support of the local experts we build training field to learn how to create value for customers and users through the human center design method of Design Thinking and how to present the key value of your Start Up and organization through the Art Of Pitching. 

M3:Strategy for Disruptive Innovation 

[10th-12th march] Barcelona 

Learn how to create value for their customers and users through the hu- man centered design method of Design Thinking.

The extraordinary environment of Silicon Valley (California) is key to work over 2 main areas of interest: to know, experience and bring under control the art of pitching will capac- itate to the learner of the habilities need to show their project to possi- ble investors, which is the key value of their projects.

M4:Experience economy and beyond 

[14th-16th April] Madrid

Understand the Experience Economy as a market place and framework to foster innovation. We go through the basic methods and tools in order to design memorable and successful experiences. Expand the knowledge of designing innovative services and trigger the imagination of the MINNers and their project to dive into the Transformational Economy. We aim building the right base for the team members to keep on working hands on with these tools in their own projects and being able to create new business models and new value proposition for customers understanding the key elements of the Experience Economy. 

M5: Emerging markets & Global challenges

[15th-28th may]  China 

Developing countries are key as a source of innovation and new opportunities in global business. It will be explored the key position of quick developing countries as potential customers, suppliers, and partners in projects. Visiting these countries it will be studied the impact and consequences of social entrepreneurial projects bring about. Besides it will be focused a common task of how to do business in China. 

M6: BoP, Sustainability & U theory

[15th-28th may]  India 

The exploration of the sustainability and the green economy as boosters of the innovation are part of the new rules in the current entrepreneur’s business. Understanding the BOP (Base of the Pyramid) strategies and how to create new market opportunities is one of India's main topics combined with the personal mastery of each participant through working with the U-theory. It will be analysed and shared the impact of social entrepreneurs in Indian society. 

M7: Intrapreneurial teams + 360 feedback

[22th-24th June] Basque Country

The crystallization of the complete learning process and the different
points of view are shared among the participants. Deep dive into the projects of each one and using the collective feedback as a tool to leverage the projects to a new stage. It will be the place to prepare the future and to place a common ground where to take the first steps to plan the collaboration of other members in and out of the projects. 

M8: Co-creating with customers & Collaborative innovation + 360 feedback 

[22th-24th September] Basque Country 

This module is focused in the search of new solutions through open and collaborative innovation. The innovation is happening in a parallel process of the knowledge flow. The learning tools developed and used to promote the creativity and the knowledge flow are based in knowledge creation company theory from Nonaka and Takeuchi. We work on the question how to create more knowledge to our customer through diving into fostering the customer orientation and different levels of customer relationships and working with the concept of user centered design of product and services. The module is completed by the crystallization of the complete learning process and the different points of view are shared among the participants. Deep dive into the projects of each one and using the collective feedback as a tool to leverage the projects to a new stage. It will be the place to prepare the future and to place a common ground where to take the first steps to plan the collaboration of other members in and out of the projects.

M8+1: Scored Goals 

[February 2017] 

This module will focus to review the path of each participant/ project, which have been the steps taken and the impact created and what is happening after MINN. The collective feedback from both team members as team coaches aims to guide and facilitate the process of business consolidation. The indicators analysed will be the number of companies created, the invoicing generated, new customers, results of the personal and company projects.


“Getting out the comfort zone was what I really needed”

by Jordi Martí, @itortv
The INIT & Karmacracy, MINN1 participant

“MINN is a great way to understand what is going on in the world. This journey with global knowledge has been very relevant for me in my project”

by Henna Kääriäinen, @HennaMonkey
Monkey Business & Team Academy Brazil, MINN1 participant

“I fly in pure team learning experiences, I recharge my batteries and really feel that the changeis possible”

by Ander Izquierdo, @AnderIzquierdo
NRG Marketing & Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy, MINN1 participant

“El emprendizaje es una actitud. Cuando tienes esta actitud puedes ser emprendedor o trabajador, pero la diferencia es que eres el actor principal de tu vida y aunque la situación sea mala económicamente, estás en una posición mucho mejor que si tu actitud es la de esperar órdenes y ser pasivo”

by Sari Veripa, @SariVeripaa
Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy, MINN2 Coach

”Creemos en el valor de entender el mundo como ciudadanos globales, intentando ver el impacto de nuestras acciones desde un punto de vista global. Para eso el primer paso es entender cuales son las otras realidades que hay en el mundo y la forma de hacerlo es viajando”

by Jose Mari Luzarraga, @empathya_MTA
Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy, MINN1 Team Coach

“Un proceso de desaprendizaje y de aprendizaje posterior basado en herramientas tan sencillas como el diálogo grupal, me ha permitido convertir pasiones en proyectos empresariales.”

by Iñaki Eguitegui, @inakibeard
Communication, Branding & Events at Bizars Studio, MINN1 participant

“Postal batekin bidaia bat esplikatzea bezela da MINN, aurrekaldean argazki bat, begirada bat, perspektiba bat… atzekaldean kaligrafia kaskarreko hitzak. Ez dago postalik balio duenik, bakoitzak bizi behar du bere bidaia”

by Aitzol Garmendia, @aitzol79
Danobat, MINN1 participant

“It is the first time in my life that I feel the meaning of active learning”

by Eneko Izquierdo, @EnekoIzquierdo
Eroski & Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy, MINN1 participant

“El MINN de Team Academy es un proceso radical de aprendizaje colectivo desde la acción para transformar la organización”

by Juan Freire,@jfreire
Profesor Titular de la Universidad de A Coruña y Director de Innovación en Barrabes.biz, MINN2 Team Coach

“How can we actually combine ideas from all these different minds to create something that none of them could have created individually? The first step actually is always chaos: we are no-professors, you are no-students, we want project teams with real customers”

by Anita Seidler,
Social entrepreneur, HUB Madrid co-founder & Organization Specialist at McKinsey & Company Brazil, MINN1 Team Coach

“If you really want to see the future of management education, you should see Team Academy”

by Peter Senge, @petersenge
Director of the Center for Organizational Learning MIT Sloan School of Management

Practical info


  • Jose Luís Abaunz


  • Jose Mari Luzarraga PhD (Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, MINN Team Coach – Basque Country)
  • Anita Seidler (Social entrepreneur, HUB Madrid co-founder & Organization Specialist at McKinsey & Company Brazil – Germany / Russia)

Coach Team:

  • Sari Veripää (Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy – Mondragon Unibertsitatea, LEINN & MINN Coach – Finland)
  • Kaisu Tuominiemi (Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy – Mondragon Unibertsitatea, LEINN & MINN Coach – Finland)
  • Juan Freire PhD (Universidad de A Coruña – Director de Innovación en Barrabes.biz – Spain)
  • Max Oliva (The HUB Madrid  co-founder & IE Business School – Spain)
  • Aitor Lizartza PhD (Teampreneur at Mondragon Team Academy - Mondragon Unibertsitatea, LEINN Coach – Basque Country)


  • Pablo Villoch (The Natural Step – Chile)
  • Julen Iturbe (OBEA & Mondragon Unibertsitatea – Basque Country)
  • Antonio Cancelo (Presidente MONDRAGON 1996-2004 – Spain)
  • Josu Ugarte (Dir. Internacionalización MONDRAGON – Basque Country)
  • Aitor Bediaga (OBEA-Mondragon Unibertsitatea – Basque Country)
  • Inazio Irizar PhD ( Mondragon Unibertsitatea – Basque Country)
  • Felix Lozano (ECultura – Spain)
  • Alex Castellarnau (IDEO – Spain)
  • Javier Sotil (Vicep. MONDRAGON Conocimiento – Basque Country)
  • Johannes Partanen (Fundador TiimiAkatemia – Finland)
  • Dhruv Dayal  (New Business Development at Johnson & Johnson Medical India (IRDP) – India)
  • Juan Felix Garcia (Director H-enea Basque Living Lab – Basque Country
  • Agurtzane Bengoa (Coach equipo PTG – Mondragon Unibertsitatea – Basque Country)
  • Nicolas Mussy PhD (Director CH-ina Swiss companies in China - Professor EPFL – Switzerland)

Credits: 60 ECTS

Cost of tuition:  9000 €

* Not including accommodation, food and journey costs.


  • Fundación Tripartita
  •   Fractional Payments

Learning calendar / Calendario lectivo/ Eskola egutegia:

01/2014 – 01/2015 (12 months)

+ Final project


  • 400 hours (250 Workshops)
  • 150 hours (Journeys)
  • Real project in company


  • Mondragon Unibertsitatea >> Business Faculty.

Main Campus:

  • Mondragon Unibertsitatea >> Business Faculty.

Collaborating centers:

  • Team Academy >> Jyvaskyla University of Appliance Science (Finland).
  • Mondragon División Conocimiento.

*The workshops will take place mainly in Basque Country and statewide (Barcelona-Madrid) depending on the real case studies with host-companies of the workshops. These workshops will start at Thursdays from 10:00 until Saturdays at 15:00. There are inncluded three learning journeys to Finland, San Francisco and China / India.

Collaborations & Entrepeneurial Action

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